“The Darkest Hour” by Tony Schumacker

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if the Nazis had won the Second World War?  What if they had invaded England and continued their reign of terror, especially focusing on the Jewish population?  “The Darkest Hour” by Tony Schumacker is a novel that gives a vivid picture in words of what that might have been like.

The novel follows John Rosset, a decorated war hero and former police sergeant, who is called upon by the Nazi commanders to work for them to round up Jews for deportation.  John lost his wife and son in a bombing by resistance fighters in London.  He takes the job because it is all he can do without bringing the wrath of the SS down on him.  Eventually, he finds that the Gestapo is spying on him to make sure that he is following orders.  All comes to a halt when he discovers a little Jewish boy hidden from sight by his grandfather after Rosset and his men clean out a Jewish apartment building.  Everything he believes in comes back to rule and he finds that there are others fighting against the Nazis too.

I found this book to be almost frightening to read because I thought, “what if this had happened?  What would the world be if this War was won by the Axis powers?  It is really sobering to realize that life as we know it today would not be the same.  I enjoyed reading this book because it put a new spin on history.

I was sent a free print copy of the book by NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest opinion of the book.


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