“Distant Thunder” by Lisa Bingham

“Distant Thunder” by Lisa Bingham Is a book set in Colorado in the late 1800’s.  It is the story of two orphans, Susan Hurst and Daniel Crocker.  Daniel has been Susan’s protector since she was a little baby.  She was taken to an orphanage after her parents were murdered by deserters in the war.  Daniel was an orphan living on the streets in a Pennsylvania town, but lived at the orphanage for a time.  Their lives took divergent paths.

Susan was deathly afraid of men and decided to spend her life as a nun.  Daniel fought in the Civil War and became a Pinkerton agent afterwards.  Their lives came together again when Susan is about to take her final vows as a nun.  Daniel is injured and trying to recover when he finds out what Susan is going to do.  The story continues as the two of them rekindle their closeness and in the face of evil come to realize that neither can do without the other.

I enjoyed this book very much, but it seemed to be too predictable in light of others I have read.  I downloaded this book from Amazon.com to my Kindle.


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