“The Covered Deep” by Brandy Vallance

“The Covered Deep” by Brandy Vallance is her first novel.  It is a historical romance set in Ohio, London, and the Holy Land during the late 1800’s.  Bianca Marshall has quite a list of requisites for the man she would marry.  Her father convinces her to enter an essay contest in which the prize is a trip to the Holy Land.  The contest is sponsored by a member of the English peerage and promises a grand adventure.

After Brandy wins the contest and travels to England with the proper chaperone, of course, she embarks on a wonderful and frightening adventure.  She is determined that she will find her true love on this adventure and is eager to begin.  But all is not as it appears.  After a while, she is not sure who the good guys are and even if she will survive.

While I liked this book, I wasn’t really involved in it.  I don’t think that the adventures in the Holy Land were something that I enjoyed.  That culture is not one I enjoy reading about.  However, saying that, the book is very well written and the characters really grow during the course of the book.  I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the history of the east.

I was sent a free print copy by Worthy Publishing in return for my honest review.


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