“Love’s Fortune” by Laura Frantz

I  wasn’t sure about “Love’s Fortune” by Laura Frantz when I started reading it, but after a few pages, it was very hard to put down.  I was interested in the way young ladies were presented to society back in the day and this was a good example of what an elaborate plan it was.

I think that this book was an interesting mix of romance and adventure.  Wren Ballantine is a young woman uprooted from her Kentucky home and with her father reunited with her father’s family in Pittsburgh.  It is during the expansion of the railroads west and the effect that it has on the Ballantine shipping industry.  Wren is being used by her uncle to make a fortuitous match with a member of the railroad family to bring more wealth to the businesses.  Fortunately, Wren is also in the sights of a young river boat pilot, an employee of the Ballantine Empire and treated like a son by them.  Because he is an abolitionist during turbulent pre-Civil War times, he is also in great danger by pro-slavery factions.  Follow these two as they try to function in Pittsburgh society and also try to maintain who they really are.

I enjoyed reading this novel and would highly recommend this book to friends and family.

I was sent a free print copy by RevellBooks.com in return for my honest review.


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