“The Secrets of the Notebook” by Eve Haas

In “The Secrets of the Notebook”, Eve Haas has chronicled her search to uncover her great, great grandmother Emilie’s romance and marriage to Prince August of Prussia, a member of the Hohenzollern  ruling family.  She is really trying to determine what happened to her grandmother, their granddaughter.  Her search became an obsession after she and her husband were retired and their children grown.  It took her behind the Iron Curtain, where her relentless quest became a dangerous undertaking both for her and her husband.

Eve’s grandmother, Anna, gave her son, Eve’s father,  a notebook for safe keeping and he subsequently showed this notebook to Eve when she was 16.  However, she did not take possession of it until both her parents had died.  She was determined to find out what happened to her beloved grandmother.  Anna was living as a Jewess in the city of Prague before the Nazi invasion and after 1942 they received no more messages or letters from her.  They expected the worst scenario for her.  This quest for information of her family was Eve’s obsession, especially after she read some entries in the notebook.

Anyone interested in their own genealogy will find this book and its events fascinating.  The sheer tenacity of Eve Haas in finding information regarding her association with one of the royal families of Europe is in itself remarkable.

I was sent a free print copy by NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest review.


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