“Deceived” by Irene Hannon

I love to read suspenseful and intriguing mysteries that keep me turning pages feverishly.  “Deceived” by Irene Hannon was such a book.  I started this book one evening and was reluctant to stop reading and go to bed.  I finished it the next day, of course accomplishing nothing else.

Kate Marshall is finally trying to go on with her life after suffering the most horrible experience that can befall a wife and mother.  Her husband and son have tragically been killed in a boating accident.  He was a respected pediatric physician and Kevin was a four year old little boy.  It is three years later and Kate has established herself as a counselor for women trying to enter the workplace after enduring marital abuse.  She was on track, that is, until she spotted a young boy at the mall.  He was the spitting image of what she would expect Kevin to look like after all this time and after hearing him use a word that was uniquely his, her whole existence turned around.  In order to satisfy herself that this was either wishful thinking on her part or that in fact this was her lost son, she hires a private investigation firm to act on her behalf.  This is all I will say about this story line because you must read this book for yourself.   I will be looking for more novels by Irene Hannon.

I was sent a free print copy by Revell Publishers in return for my honest review.


One thought on ““Deceived” by Irene Hannon

  1. I just pulled this book off of my shelf to read, it’s sitting right next to me. As tempted as I was to start it, I tried to get a few things done around the house and check out some blogs first. Probably a good thing since it sounds like once I start it, I won’t want to put it down!


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