“Desperate Hearts” by Roseanne Bittner

Rosanne Bittner has written many novels and I have read quite a few of her works.  In fact, I wonder that she can come up with new story lines.  However in “Desperate Hearts” she has done just that.  Although it’s a classic tale of a runaway heroine trying to escape the clutches of a depraved relative, there is enough action and adventure in this novel to keep you interested to the last page.

Elizabeth Wainwright runs from New York to a little hole-in-the-wall gold town of Alder, Montana.  Most of the people in Alder are running from something or someone.  The town sheriff, Mitch Brady, is also a vigilante in Montana and the only law for miles around.  Elizabeth is coming into town on a stagecoach when outlaws attack and she is the only one left alive.  Mitch arrives just in time to save her virtue and her life.

The story continues as the townspeople surround Mitch and Elizabeth with caring concern in the wake of many attempts on both Mitch’s and Elizabeth’s lives.  Along the way, the two come to trust each other enough to be able to share whatever is lurking in their pasts and preventing them from going on with life.

I truly enjoyed reading this book and found it to be a good old western novel.  I was sent a free print copy by NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest review.


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