“Miracle in a Dry Season” by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Sarah Loudin Thomas’ debut novel, “Miracle in a Dry Season” had wonderful reviews by other authors.  I read this book with every expectation that I would enjoy it.  Perla and her daughter, Sadie, come to Wise, West Virginia to stay with Perla’s relatives to get away from home and the hurtful stares and comments that dog her every move.

I felt instant sympathy for her and Sadie and began rooting for them and their situation from the beginning.  Casewell Phillips was dealing with his ailing father and like others in Wise, WV, made a hasty judgment about Perla.

Perla has a gift that leaves the townspeople very suspicious of her.  No one is sure if this is a gift from God or a tool of the devil.  It is a lot easier for people to believe that she is the devil incarnate set to destroy them and their families.  The town preacher leads them in their misplaced religious snobbery.  What occurs in this novel really leads the reader to examine their own religious prejudices and think about how they judge others when they really need to look into their own souls.

I truly enjoyed reading this book and found that it gave me food for thought in my own life.  I was sent a free print copy by Bethany House in return for my honest review.


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