“Surviving Henry” by Erin Taylor Young

After reading this novel by Erin Taylor Young, I came away thinking, “Oh good, another Erma Bombeck.”  Ms. Taylor wrote “Surviving Henry”.  Henry is a boxer mix puppy, full of energy, mischief and mayhem.  I definitely related to her “Henryisms” because we are in puppy mode with a new puppy also.  However, I am forever grateful that ours is smaller…much smaller than Henry.  I actually laughed out loud at some of the mannerisms and machinations that Henry exhibited.  I’ve never heard of a dog with a death wish before, but in reading about Henry, I definitely found one.  I am so glad that this family stuck with Henry throughout his puppyhood.  I’m sure that he turned out to be a great family pet.

Anyone who loves pets, dogs in particular, will really get a kick out of reading about Henry.  He is the most lovable, irritating, aggravating, sweet, puppy you’d never want to meet.  Ms. Taylor has quite a gift for humor in relating the events as they unfold with training Henry.

Revell Reads Book Tour provided a free print copy of this book in return for my honest review.


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