“The Daughters of Mars” by Thomas Keneally

“The Daughters of Mars”, written by Thomas Keneally, a prolific author who wrote “Schindler’s List”, was a very good novel about the nurses of World War I.  This particular novel was written about two Australian sisters, both nurses, who signed up for a great adventure.  Alas, this adventure turned into a nightmare.  Each sister has her own personality and reasons for volunteering to serve.

After a German U-boat torpedo sinks of the Archimedes, the transport ship both sisters are travelling on along with other nurses and soldiers, the battle areas are next for the nurses.  The battle of Gallipoli in the Mediterranean inflicts great casualties among the Allies.  Each sister meets a man with whom she hopes for a life after the war, but circumstances are not kind.  The book shows how readily men sign up for soldiering, only to find out that the adventures they are seeking end up as travails.

I recommend this book highly…to all history buffs.  This is another look at the consequences of war, this time World War I.  My only problem with the book is that the Australian idioms are sometimes difficult to understand with my American mentality.  I had to think a lot while reading this book to determine just what the Australian words of choice meant.

NightOwlReviews.com provided a free print copy in return for my honest review of this book.


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