“An Unseemly Wife” by E. B. Moore

E. B. Moore has written wonderful historical novel in “An Unseemly Wife”.   This book brings to life the sheer audacity of some men to want to uproot their families, leave their comfortable homes and travel west to new land.  They leave behind cherished possessions, friends, family and familiarity to travel with others of like mind, some of whom are not stellar persons.

The journey is arduous, dangerous, monotonous and fraught with illness, hunger and all things that would make a sane person turn back.  But also the different families who travel together can be made up of persons of varying backgrounds, religions, educations, and motivations.  Traveling together with unknown folks can cause more problems than being on the trail itself.

I found that I would not have been a good candidate to settle the west, away from the familiar, risking life and limb and the lives of children just to find more land to farm or ranch.  I recommend this book because it gives a good view of what those in the westward migration experienced on their journeys to the Promised Land.

I ordered free kindle copy of this book from Amazon.com.


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