“It Takes a Scandal” by Caroline Linden

Sebastian Vane is a broken man.  He returned from Waterloo with a shattered knee, a mad father, and a lost inheritance.  He had no funds to recoup his losses.  His father was raving mad and rumors abounded that he was also a thief.  His best friend deserted him in his need and the townsfolk rebuked him when they saw him.

Abigail Weston was new to the district.  Her father, a newly rich man, decided that his family would do well in the country, so he purchased a country home whose property abutted Sebastian’s.  Abigail and Penelope Weston were highly eligible marriage prospects from their father’s point of view.  However, neither of them was interested in marrying solely for money.

Sebastian and Abigail met by happenstance in the woods between their homes.  Sebastian tried to avoid Abigail at all costs because he has nothing to offer her.  Abigail was not to be deterred. What happens between them is the heart of this story.   This book is very well written to hold one’s interest throughout.  The characters are well thought out and each of their roles is important to the novel.

I found this book, “It Takes a Scandal” by Caroline Linden, to be very entertaining, funny at times, and very readable.  It is a good weekend read.  I would highly recommend this novel.  I was sent a free print copy of this book by NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest review.


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