“Love Comes Home” by Ann H. Gabhart

“Love Comes Home” is a novel by Ann H. Gabhart, the bestselling author of “Angel Sister”.   I wish I had read “Angel Sister” first because there were so many references to episodes that were written in that book.  I felt as though I was missing something all the way through the book.

I did like the novel about what happened in three sisters’ lives after the end of World War II.  We tend to forget that soldiers returning from that war had PTSD just as those soldiers do after the wars being fought now.  We also need to remember the women whose lives were sadly disrupted upon the death of their husband, brother or fiancé during that war.  It was not easy for anyone returning home, nor the ones who had waited those many long years.

I thought this novel handled this quite well, both in the story line and in the changes in all their plans for the future in light of changes in their lives.  I found this book very interesting and the characters fully involved.  Even supporting characters were very important to this book.

I was sent a free print copy of this book by the Revell Blog Tour in return for my honest review.


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