“Where the Horses Run” by Kaki Warner

“Where the Horses Run” by Kaki Warner, is the third book in the series “The Heroes of Heartbreak Creek”.  I enjoyed the book quite a bit.  It was a look into the differences between the American West and Scotland and England in the late 19th century and was well written.  I did think that too much reference was made to characters and events in the previous titles in the series, but maybe that was to pique my interest in reading them.

The story takes place near Penrith, England, in 1871.  It is the story of a Scottish Earl, Ash Kirkwell and his wife Maddie who are travelling back to Scotland in order that the Earl spends some time at his Scottish home.  On the way, they make a detour to purchase horses for their new enterprise in Colorado.  Ash has hired a wrangler, Rayford Jessup from Texas to purchase the horses for him in England from the Cathcarts.  They are also joined by Thomas, a half-breed Cheyenne Indian.  Josephine Cathcart is a young woman, who because of an indiscretion when she was sixteen, who loves only her son and her horse, Pembroke’s Pride.  Her father is a gambler who has wasted their hard-earned fortune on wagers and gambling.  He is trying to force Josephine to marry into the nobility to save his holdings.

Josie and Rafe are destined to be together no matter all the obstacles that appear to keep them apart.  I enjoyed Josie for her spirit and spunk and her determination not to waste the rest of her life on someone she does not love.  I thought that the dialogue among the Kirkwells, Thomas and Rafe were amusing at times.  Ash Kirkwell’s use of the English language with a Scottish brogue was highly entertaining all through the story.

I was sent a free print copy of this book by Night Owl Reviews in return for my honest assessment of the book.


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