“Hope at Dawn” by Stacie Henry

“Hope at Dawn” by Stacie Henry, is the first book in the series “Of Love and War”.  I very much enjoyed the book because of the subject matter and because of the way it was written.

This story takes place during the Great War – World War I – in the fictional town of Hilden, Iowa.  The story was set in Iowa because it was one of the first states to outlaw the use of any foreign language, especially German.  Those who broke the law were suspected of treason or of being a German spy.  Those of German descent were “encouraged” to buy bonds and to speak only English.  Those who failed to comply were often physically abused or worse.  It was not an easy time to be of German heritage in the United States at this time.

Livy Campbell and Friedrick Wagner are thrown together by way of their jobs in Hilden, Iowa.  Livy is the school teacher for the mostly German-American students in her district and Friedrick is a German-American farmer whose siblings attend the school and who is the school caretaker.  Through a series of events, their very lives are at stake because of the prejudice against anything German during this time.  I loved this book.  It is one of the few that I’ve read where the storyline takes place during 1918 and our time of involvement in the war in Europe.  It is very well written and even though it is a work of fiction, I can see that these events probably took place in our country at this time and in other manners at other times in our history.

I was sent a free print copy of this book by Night Owl Reviews in return for my honest assessment of the book.


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