“Chateau of Secrets” by Melanie Dobson

“Chateau of Secrets” by Melanie Dobson, is a novel about World War II in France and the subsequent current events that were connected to that time in history.  It is a novel of full of secrets, sacrifice, and deceptions.

I was fascinated by the storyline which is set in France just outside of Saint-Lô which was strongly held by the Germans during the war.  The French people learned to live with the terror, joined the French Resistance, or collaborated with the enemy.

This is the story of all three kinds of people.  The Château d’Epines was Gisèle Duchant’s family home and had been inherited by family for centuries.  During the French Revolution, a series of underground tunnels hid family members from the guillotine.  During World War II, it was a hiding place for the resistance fighters.  Gisèle had to collaborate with the enemy, who took over her home, in order to continue rescuing Jewish orphans, American airmen shot down in the area and her brother’s group of resistance fighters.

Interestingly, her granddaughter, Chloe Sauver, who is recovering from the deceptions of her former fiancé, is requested by her father to meet a journalist, Riley Holtz, at the Château so that he can film a documentary about World War II.  She is also intrigued by the fact that her grandmother, Gisèle Sauver, who is suffering from dementia keeps worrying about saving Adeline.  Chloe is determined to find out the secret that seems to surround that name.  Riley’s connections are also interwoven in this story.

I was so involved in this story.  At first I was a little disconcerted because the chapters switched back and forth from present time to occupied France, however it was the perfect way to tell this story.  I really was irritated when my life prevented me from just reading this book all day.  I highly recommend this book.

I was sent a free print copy of this book by Night Owl Reviews in return for my honest assessment of the book.


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