“Saving Amelie” by Cathy Gohlke

Reading “Saving Amelie” by Cathy Gohlke was quite an experience.  I have an obsession to read books about World War II, especially those concerning Nazi Germany and the Nazi presence in France.  I also read (I cannot say enjoy, because of the subject matter) stories about the Holocaust and the treatment of Jews and other “undesirables” living in Nazi occupied land.  I feel that we all need to be reminded of that dark time in history and take heed so that we do not repeat that horrible era.

I could read just a few chapters at a time because the subject matter was so intense and heart-rending.  I felt as though I was there in Berlin and other areas of Germany feeling the terror the characters were feeling always looking over their shoulders for the worst to happen.  It was really draining for me.  I actually broke down in tears a couple of times during my reading because I felt the horrors so intently and personally.  The Nazi practice of providing a “clean” Aryan race and their practice of doing research with twins and eugenics was almost more than I could bear to read about.  I questioned why no one could see this and rally to put a stop to it.

Even though it sounds as though I did not enjoy this book, I loved reading it.  I became so engrossed in the story and the delicate weaving of characters together.  I thought that the author really did her homework regarding the history of this time and brought all that together in a fiction offering that was too real and provided a gripping story all throughout the book.  There were no pages that were not relevant and none that were superfluous.

I recommend this book highly…to all history buffs, especially, and to everyone to read so that we can recognize the events that would possible occur again in order that we are prepared to stop this sort of thing from happening every again.

Tyndale Blog Network provided me a free print advance reading copy in return for my honest review of this book.

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