“Huckleberry Summer” by Jennifer Beckstrand

I read and reviewed “Huckleberry Hill” by Jennifer Beckstrand, and have just finished her novel “Huckleberry Summer”.  I was pleasantly taken back to Felty and Annie Helmuth’s home.  I very much enjoy the humerous banter between Felty and Annie Banannie and their quest to see that every one of their grandchildren marry well.

They have decided that their bad-boy grandson Aden needs to meet and fall in love with Lily Eicher.  So Annie invites Aden to come and “help” them around their farm for the summer.  She also asks shy Lily Eicher to come and help her garden and can and take care of the house during the week.

Aden has a reputation for getting into trouble.  However, the trouble stems from his desire to make the world a better place.  He is a “tree-hugger’, who wants the environment to flourish and for people to conserve and recycle.  He is also a vegetarian, which prompts Annie to learn new dishes to cook for him while he is with them.

Lily is a reticent person who sees danger in every little thing.  She keeps hand sanitizer with her always and uses it scrupulously.  Her father has put fear in her of getting close to handsome young men, because of something that happened to his brother earlier on.  This has made Lily shy and retiring and very careful whom she befriends.

I enjoyed reading about this courtship, if you could call it that at times.  Aden is a very likable fellow and has many friends, while Lily holds everyone at arm’s length to protect herself.  I think this book is very sweet and enjoyable to read.

Night Owl Reviews and Netgalley.com provided a free print advance reading copy in return for my honest review of this book.


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