“A Shocking Delight” by Jo Beverly

I was delighted with Jo Beverly’s novel, “A Shocking Delight”.  I have read her books before and always enjoy them.  I am usually not a fan of Regency novels, but I must say that this one kept me interested all the way to the last page.

I like the way Ms. Beverly gives the heroine a strong character with charm and wit.  Lucy Potter is no exception.  She has a large dowry, but really wants to be involved in her father’s merchant business and doesn’t plan to marry.  Her mother had died recently and she is hoping that her father sees her worth to him in his work.  Since she is an only child and a woman, her father has no son to be an heir and Lucy is sure that he will choose her.  However Mr. Potter decides to marry a woman with two young children with the desire to have more children and hopefully, a son.

Lucy is not happy with this arrangement because she knows that the new wife will be the mistress of the household and that her position is in question.  She decides to visit an aunt in the town of London during the season just to see who might be out there for her.

The Earl of Wyvern has inherited an impoverished earldom and is seeking to marry a woman with a large dowry.  The word is out that Lucy Potter has this large dowry and he sets out to woo her, thinking that she is a mindless girl.  He finds out differently.

There are secrets galore between these two characters and it is delightful to read the progression of their growing interest in each other.  I am also very glad that Ms. Beverly gave the minor characters some life.  It was refreshing not to have to read solely about the two main characters, but also to find others in the novel interesting.  I highly recommend this book.

I received a free print advanced reader’s copy of this book from NightOwlReviews.com for my honest review.   The opinions expressed here are my own.


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