“True Colors” by Erin Rainwater

I just finished reading “True Colors” by Erin Rainwater.  I was absolutely engrossed in this book.  What a great story!

I thought this was an excellent book about the Civil War and those who not only fought in it, but who labored in the hospitals and prison barracks.  It’s the story of one of these nurses who was not thought fit to work amongst the injured because of her young age and comeliness.  Cassie Golden comes to Washington, D.C. to offer her help in one of the many hospitals that have opened since the beginning of the war.  She begins her job in one of the former hotels in Washington that was commandeered as a hospital after the wounded flood into the north.  She helps the prisoners of war and the Union soldiers as well.  She lives in a boarding house near where she works and is taken in as a friend to the doctor and his wife.  During an officers’ ball which she reluctantly attends, she meets a dashing Union officer.  They become friends and then fall in love.  After a time, they secretly marry and on their wedding night Michael Byron is called away.  She is aware that he is in the Secret Service, but is not privy to any of his official actions.


She goes on with her work without Michael, but one night is ambushed and taken prisoner and transported under sedation to Richmond, Virginia.  She is made to live in a compound hospital and help the wounded Union soldiers from a nearby prisoner of war camp.  She sees Michael intermittently, but now he is wearing a Confederate uniform.  Just whose side is Michael on?  Why has she been abducted and her whereabouts kept a secret?  Will she and Michael remain married after all the turmoil of the war?

This book is really hard to put down.  I read it in two days and was so caught up in the story that I thought about it every day for a week after I finished it.  I lost myself in the lives of Cassie and Michael.  I experienced so many different emotions while reading this book.  I recommend it to anyone who is remotely interested in the War Between the States.  This story gives a look at the repercussions of the war that are not usually discussed.  I know you will enjoy this book.  The writer has done an excellent job of personalizing characters on both sides of the conflict.



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