“A Nation in the Red” by Murray Holland

“A Nation in the Red” by Murray Holland is not the typical book that I read.  For example, it is a non-fiction book about our nation’s problems and how they began.  I chose this book because I am increasingly worried about our nation’s future.  Since I am an older citizen I will probably not live long enough to experience the result of the reckless spending and government intervention in businesses and private lives that my children will live to see.  It was very enlightening to read about the causes of our current situation and what steps we can take to diminish our personal consequences of this explosion of government.

Mr. Holland’s work was written in language I could understand.  That is normally not the case when I try to read non-fiction books regarding our nation’s government in crisis.   The explanations are usually so involved that I lose interest after the first couple of chapters.  I think you will find this book interesting even if you do not agree with Mr. Holland’s views.  I think he researched his subject well.

I received free print copy of this book from Night Owl Reviews for my honest review.


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