“The Christmas Mail Order Bride” by Kit Morgan

“The Christmas Mail Order Bride” by Kit Morgan was a free kindle download.  It is the first book in the “Holiday Mail Order Brides” series.  Lot Morgan has also authored the “Prairie Brides” series.

This was an easy book to read.  The beginning of the book started out giving me a good laugh when the intended groom shot the mail order bride in the foot.  Summer James was an orphan in New Orleans.  When she turned eighteen she was forced to leave the orphanage and make her own way.  That “way” would have been working in a bordello if Mr. Slade had his way.  So the matron of the orphanage contacted an agency which provided mail order brides.  Summer was to travel to Nowhere in the Washington Territory to marry the sheriff of Nowhere, Clayton Riley.  However, Clayton had no idea that he was getting a mail order bride.  His brother and mother were the culprits sending his name to the agency.  They figured he needed companionship.

I liked the book, but Summer’s neediness got a little tiresome.  I know that she had been rejected throughout her life by one person or another, but here she had a chance at happiness and was reticent to take it.

I would recommend this book and will probably try to read the rest of the series.


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