“Runaway” by Sandy James

“Runaway” by Sandy James is the second book in the Safe Havens series.  I read “Saving Grace” and “Redeemed” and they were as good as this one, I recommend that you purchase and read all three.  I only wish I had read them in order.  It would have been easier to keep the many characters straight.

The story begins with Ty Bishop and Jake Curtis trussed like turkeys in a cave on the coast near San Francisco waiting for the tide to come in and drown them.  I particularly enjoyed their repartee in this first chapter.  I don’t think I would have been joking as I waited for my demise.  But they are rescued by a member of the family who is trying to kill them, the beautiful Cassandra Shay.  She is also trying to escape her family and saves Ty’s and Jake’s lives.  She is not going to stick around and marry the vile person that her uncle and grandfather have chosen for her.

Ty and Jake take her under their wing to spirit her away from her family.  If they don’t help her, she will just go by herself and that would be too dangerous.  The consequences of Cassie being helped by Ty and Jake are many as you will find when you read this book.

I enjoyed this book very much.   Ms. James writes in a very honest, believable style.  I will be looking for other series of hers to read.

I was sent this e-book by Ms. James in return for my honest review at no charge to me.


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