“My Amish Boyfriend” by Melody Carlson

I read “My Amish Boyfriend” by Melody Carlson for the Revell Reads blog program.  I found that the novel is geared more for a young adult audience, but I did enjoy reading the book.

Shannon McNamara lives with her mother, Anna, goes to school, wants to get her driver’s license and do all the things a teenager does.  However, her mother is not well and the neighbor who has been taking care of her during school hours is leaving town for a while.  She and Anna make arrangements for Shannon and her mother to go to her mother’s family in Hochstetler.  Shannon is not aware that she has any family but her mother.  Unbeknownst to her, her mother was raised Amish.  She and Anna are going to be living as Amish for a while.

Living as the Amish do when you have not been raised that way comes as quite a surprise to Shannon.  She is expected to dress, act and work as her Amish family does.  Until her mother gets well, they have no other choice.  Shannon is drawn to an Amish boy who is going through his rumspringa, or “running around time”.  She develops a crush on this Amish boy without knowing that another Amish girl has her sights set on him as soon as he gets through “running around”.

This story is really a good lesson in how to get along with those who may not view life as we do.  For Anna to come back home after running away as a teenager and for Shannon who is thrust into another way of life, it is a hard lesson to learn.

I enjoyed this story very much and would recommend it to an audience of pre-teens and teens.  It was a little young for my taste, but still a good read.  Actually, it might not hurt if some parents read this book too.  Maybe they can see that their children may not need all that they have and could stand a little hardship now and then.

I received a free print copy of this book from Revell.com in return for my honest, personal review, which is my own.


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