“In Want of a Wife” by Jo Goodman

“In Want of a Wife” by Jo Goodman was a good read.  I also read Ms. Goodman’s “The Last Renegade”.  I really loved both books and will be looking for more from Ms. Goodman.

Morgan Longstreet was a newcomer to town, having bought a large ranch outside of town.  He decided he needed a wife to give him sons and to help around the ranch doing all the things that a healthy ranch wife does.  So he sends for a bride through an agency.

Jane Middlebourne was the poor relation of the Ewing family.  Frances Ewing has made her life a living hell ever since she came to them as a child.  Jane was never shown the slightest love, no hugs, kisses or comfort.  She is ready to have a family of her own.  One of Frances’ sons concocts a story to get some money from his parents.  Since he is always in trouble, he lies and tells his mother that he has gotten Jane pregnant.  He figures that she will give him money to “take care of the situation” and he will have money to pay his gambling debt.  He has no idea what sort of trouble this puts Jane in.

Jane comes to Bitter Springs, Wyoming to become the wife of Morgan Longstreet.  There are circumstances in each of their pasts that could destroy their fledgling marriage and any semblance of love between them.

I really liked this book and I would highly recommend it and anything that Jo Goodman writes.  I received free print copy of this book from NightOwlReviews.com for my honest review.


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