“German Girl?” by Vivian Ert Bolten Herz

I downloaded “German Girl?” by Vivian Ert Bolten Herz from Amazon.com as a free offering.  I was intrigued by the sub-title, “Mishling” Memories of a Jewish-Christian Girl in Nazi Berlin.  I was not disappointed.

This is a true story written by the girl who lived it.  Vivian Ert was born during the Nazi rule in Germany.  She really never knew anything different until the war was over and she and her mother and brother emigrated to America.  She lived with her mother’s parents because of her father’s Jewish religion.  Her mother had converted to Judaism, but upon their divorce renounced that religion and reverted to her Lutheran heritage.  She was still interrogated by the Gestapo on more than one occasion.  Even Vivian was sought by the Gestapo because of her father.  Thankfully she was hidden by her grandparents.

This story was gripping in that the experiences that the Germans who were not Nazis had to go through were terrorizing to them.  There was not enough food, rations were slim, and Nazis confiscated anything of value for De Fuhrer!  Vivian’s story is just one of the many that could be found about anyone living in Nazi Berlin.  We follow Vivian from 1944 when she was six, through the rest of the war, the aftermath of war, the Berlin airlift and on to America.  Life in America was not easy for the emigrants.

I really hope that those who read this novel get a sense of what war under tyrants can be like and hope that we never have to experience the terror and deprivation of those in the middle of war.


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