“Dakota Dusk” by Lauraine Snelling

“Dakota Dusk” by Lauraine Snelling, is another good book by a wonderful author.  I enjoyed this novel very much. I suppose the theme is much like other “prairie novels”, as I call them, but Ms. Snelling always spins yarns about very interesting people. She has brought her characters to life in this novel as well.

The main characters, Jude Weinlander and Rebekka Stenesrude are very believable persons from that era of history. Jude was a rounder and drunkard until a tragedy forced him to see himself as the person he was and changed him to a good man, although his past memories keep him from any personal relationships.

Rebekka is a school teacher in Willowford, Dakota territory. In this time of history, school teachers boarded with their students’ families, taking turns with each family. In this case the older son of the family Rebekka is staying with at the time tries to assault her. She flees to Mrs. Sampson’s boarding house seeking help. Mrs. Sampson takes her in and the story continues.

The novel by Ms. Snelling takes a few twists but her writing is interesting without being mushy and provocative. I enjoy all of Ms. Snelling’s books.

I downloaded a free kindle copy of this book from Amazon.com to review.  My thoughts about this novel are my own.


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