“Vow Unbroken” by Caryl McAdo

“Vow Unbroken” by Caryl McAdoo, is published by Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster.

I really liked this novel and had a hard time putting it down.  The characters, Susannah Baylor a widow whose husband and brother-in-law had died ten years earlier, her precocious daughter Rebecca and her nephew Levi, whom she thought of as her own child were trying to get their hard earned cotton crop to market.  For ten years Susannah and the children kept their farms going and finally had a good cotton crop.  After being fleeced by a so-called buyer, Susannah hires Henry Buckmeyer, a noted layabout to help her get her crop to market.  They journeyed in two wagons carrying her cotton bales, his furs and honey for over a week to get to Jefferson.  They are beset by bad weather, impossible water crossings, thieves and wild animals during their trip.  If it hadn’t been for Henry, Susannah and her children would not have survived.

The author skillfully wrote about this trip in very descriptive language so that you actually felt all the emotions that the novel’s characters felt.  My only criticism of this novel is that I felt that the heroine, Susannah, worried too much about whether or not Henry had been “saved”.  It was as if she felt that she alone was responsible for his relationship with the Lord.  I think the idea was overworked.  Otherwise, I very much enjoyed reading this book.

I was sent a free print copy of this book from Howard Books and a free kindle copy by NetGalley.com in return for my honest review.


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