“Minding Molly” by Leslie Gould

I liked “Minding Molly” by Leslie Gould, book number three in her series, The Courtship of Lancaster County Series.  The story takes place in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and is set among the Amish families.  Molly is a very controlling person who likes to run everything.  Her father has passed away and she thinks that she is the only one who can successfully provide for her family.  She orders them around unmercifully, which creates many problems.   Her mother is trying to force a wedding between her and the neighboring farmer’s son which would combine the two farms and thus provide a better income for both.  Molly has her eyes on a newcomer to the district from Montana.  Leon is there to train horses for another Amish family.  Read this story to follow the adventures of the young folks of Lancaster County as they struggle to find their place in the community.  Molly tries to guide them all, but they have their own ideas.

I enjoyed this book however Molly even made me tired as she tried to plan everyone’s life for them.  Sometimes it was painful to read.  I wanted to tell her to step back and let what happens happen.

I received a free print copy of this book for my honest review from the publisher.  The opinions expressed here are my own.


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