“Redeemed” by Sandy James

“Redeemed” by Sandy James is the third book in the Safe Havens series.  I read “Saving Grace” and it was as good as this one, I recommend that you purchase and read all three.

Sara Fuller is employed at an establishment of ill repute in Denver.  She is desperate to flee her life and start anew in another place.  She gathers enough money to travel to White Plains where her brother lives.  There she hopes to find a new life.

Caleb Young waits for each stage coach for his mail-order bride to come to White Plains to marry him.  As Sara steps off the stage, he immediately assumes that she is that bride.  Sara in turn thinks that her brother provided her with a groom so that she could start her new life.  It is this misunderstanding that throws Caleb and Sara together for better or for worse.  Believe me, they have a lot of both.

I enjoyed this book very much.   Ms. James writes in a very honest, believable style.  I will be looking for the other books in this series.

I was sent this e-book by Ms. James in return for my honest review at no charge to me.


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