“A Husbands Regret” by Natasha Anders

I read “A Husbands Regret” by Natasha Anders, published by Montlake Romance.  I requested this title from NetGalley in order to review it.

This was a very painful novel to read.  It was very interesting and I was unable to put it down, but the story was hard to read because of the way the characters, Bryce and Bronwyn, kept doing and saying hurtful things.  Most of all Bryce seemed to be so unapproachable most of the time and then again could be so loving and gentle.  I kept wondering what his problem was.  Bronwyn seemed to be a weak character in that instead of standing up for herself, she ran away from confrontation.  This sort of maneuvering by each kept up for two years.  The story seemed to start when Bronwyn became pregnant by mistake.  Bryce was not ready to have children yet and his reaction was very over the top.  The author wrote very intense dialogue between these two which made it hard for me to read.  It is a very good book and after you find out just why each acted the way they did it made sense.  Just read it with an open mind and try not to get too over-reactive as you do.

I was sent a free kindle copy of this book by NetGalley in return for my honest review.


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