“Shadows of the Past” by Patricia Bradley

I recently read “Shadows of the Past” by Patricia Bradley, published by Revell.  The story is about Taylor Martin, a psychological profiler for the Seattle police department.

As the novel opens, Taylor is at the scene of a kidnapping and shooting.  She finds evidence that someone who has been stalking her is at the crime scene.  She has a suspicion that the stalker is a young student in her criminology class, Scott Sinclair.  Scott’s brother is a novelist, Nicholas Sinclair.  Nick doesn’t think that the stalker is Scott and is trying to prove that.  Taylor decides to make a visit to her home in Mississippi, just across the state line from Memphis, thinking she can escape the nightmare, but evidently the perpetrator follows her.  Nick is from Memphis and returns to his hometown to finish a novel.  The two of them are thrown together during this highly exciting investigation and work together to figure it out.

I though Ms. Bradley wrote an excellent thriller with suspense on every page.  I was stumped until the very end regarding who the assailant was.  This made the novel a definite page-turner.  I would highly recommend this novel for any fan of suspense, mystery and thrilling story-telling.

I was sent a free print copy of this book by Revell in return for my honest review.


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