“Dare to Love Again” by Julie Lessman

“Dare to Love Again” by Julie Lessman is a historical romance novel that takes place in San Francisco in the early 1900’s.

Caitlyn McClare and her daughter and niece have started a school for underprivileged girls on the edge of the Barbary Coast area of San Francisco.  This area is not one in which genteel women should ever walk alone.  Logan McClare, Caitlyn’s brother-in-law and Allison’s uncle, hires a policeman to be their bodyguard, unbeknownst to the women.  Nick Barone is quite competent in that regard.  Both he and Allison McClare are wounded souls who have been rejected by former loves and are determined not to become involved with anyone for a very long time.  There are other problems that Nick is trying to overcome and these present a real danger to him and to Allison.

I liked this book, but I thought that it was a slow read for me.  I just couldn’t get really involved with the characters, which is something that, for me, makes a great novel.  There was quite a bit of dialogue between Nick and Alli that was very sarcastic.  I skipped a few paragraphs that seemed to bog down with that dialogue.  The dangerous and thrilling actions came towards the very end of the book.  I wish that part could have been drawn out and more written about it.  I think it would have added to the story.

I was sent a free print copy of this book by Revell Reads in return for my honest assessment of the book posted during the January 2014 Blog Tour.


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