“The Calling” by Suzanne Woods Fisher

“The Calling” is the second book in the Amish series The Inn at Eagle Hill by Suzanne Woods Fisher.  The first book of the series introduces the Inn at Eagle Hill, a bed and breakfast started by Ruth Schrock, stepmother of Bethany Schrock, the main character in this second book.

Bethany is a spirited young Amish girl who circumvents the rules of the Amish religiously.  She is trying to find her niche in life, but is not ready to settle down to one thing.  She is employed by five elderly sisters to help clean out their old home which is full of “stuff”.

Her ex-boyfriend and her brother are mixed up in some shady dealings in the investment firm that her father founded.  She was taken in by Jake’s smooth talk and smoother ways until she finally found that he was a lying no good.  She is nursing a broken heart and guilt that she would be taken in by someone so despicable.

I enjoyed this book, but there seemed to be a surplus of plots and sub-plots.  I was confused by all the activities of the many characters in this book.  Everything fell into place in the end, but the journey was a little too intense for me.  I would be interested to see where this series goes after this book.  I will be interested to read the subsequent novels.

I was sent this book by Revell Publishing in return for my honest review during their January blog tour.


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