“The Smuggler Wore Silk” by Alyssa Alexander

I read “The Smuggler Wore Silk” by Alyssa Alexander in one day.  I kept turning pages and saying to myself, “I’ll just read to the end of this chapter”.  However I just kept on reading because this book was one you can’t put down because you just have to see what happens next.

The story takes place during the Napoleonic wars between France and England.  Grace Hannah is a ward of her uncle, but is treated more like a servant and is considered a non-person because of her parentage.  She is involved with the smugglers who use the caves and tunnels to store the smuggled goods that go in and out of England.  Smugglers are one thing, traitors are another.  Grace and the smugglers find that someone is trying to smuggle out troop information from the War Office.  They don’t know whom to trust and want no part of treason.

Julian Travers, Earl of Langford, is also known as the Wandering Earl.  He uses the cover of travelling on the Continent and London to mask his real duties as a spy.  However, he has been compromised by a traitor and is in danger of being retired.  He is given one last mission and that is to find out if Grace Hannah is guilty of treason.  Since his ancestral home is in Devon, he is the perfect man for this assignment.

The action and adventure of this novel was very entertaining.  I truly was interested all the way to the end.  I would highly recommend this book.

I was sent a free advanced reader print copy of this book by Night Owl Reviews in return for my honest assessment of the book.


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