“A Nantucket Christmas” by Nancy Thayer

I just read a delightful Christmas book by Nancy Thayer, “A Nantucket Christmas”.  Nicole Somerset is ready to celebrate Christmas with her new husband, Sebastian Somerset.  Nicole was a widow when she met and married the former attorney and moved to his home on Nantucket.  He and his ex-wife, Katya, used this house as a vacation home when they were married.  Nicole and Sebastian are anxious to welcome his daughter Kennedy, her husband James and their son, Maddox.  Kennedy is soon to deliver a second grandchild.  She has never accepted the fact that her mother and father divorced and blames Nicole for everything, even though the divorce took place long before Nicole and Seb met.

Nicole has transformed the house into a warm, welcoming place to spend the holidays, however Kennedy is doing everything in her power to ignore Nicole and treat her more like a servant.  Maddox is a wonderful little boy and takes to Nicole immediately much to the chagrin of his mother.  James is a very nice man and Seb is grateful that James is married to his daughter.

The story proceeds with all the wonderful plans Nicole has made not turning out as she has wished.  This is usually the case when someone has long looked forward to hosting a wonderful family party, only to find that the family dynamics always come to the front and threaten to spoil the holidays for everyone.

I found this to be a warm and wonderful story.  During the events that play out, you come to believe that Christmas is what you make it and even the best laid plans can be ruined, but then something more wonderful takes their place and saves the day.  This is a wonderful read for the Christmas season.  It put me in the mood to begin preparing for the holidays.

Night Owl Reviews and Ballantine Books provided a free print copy to me in return for my honest review of this book.


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