“Vanished” by Irene Hannon

I was totally engrossed in Book 2 in the Private Justice Novel by Irene Hannon, “Vanished”.  This book had me hooked from the first page.  Moira Harrison, an investigative reporter, was returning from a job interview on a rain-soaked Missouri back road, when she saw a woman appear in front of her car.  She tried to swerve, but heard the thud and ended up with her car against a tree on the other side of the road.  A man with a hooded coat approached the car.  Moira told him to go and find the person she’d hit and help her.  He then helped her brush broken glass from the seat and told her that he would call 911.  She waited, injured, and then everything went blank.  The next thing she knew, she woke and found that evidently the man had not called 911 and she had blacked out for over an hour.  She called 911.  When the police arrived there was no sign of an injured person on the road, no one had called 911 and there was no sign that anyone else had been around her car.  The police said she was just hallucinating because of her head injury.

Moira could not accept that she had seen an illusion and decided to hire a detective agency to look into it for her.  She just could not stand the fact that there may be an injured or dead woman out there because of her.  Even though it wasn’t her fault, she had to know.  The P.I. is a hunk and Moira is in danger in more ways than one.  Now it gets really interesting…I doubt you will be able to stop reading until you finish this book.  I highly recommend it if you like mysteries and thrillers.

Amazon.com and Revell provided a free kindle copy to me in return for my honest review of this book.


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