“The Way Home” by Cindy Gerard

The Way Home” is a story of a soldier’s survival and subsequent return to his wife and the situations that occur before and after his return.  The book was written by Cindy Gerard.

Jess Albert is trying to live her new life without her husband J.R. who was listed as killed in action during the Afghanistan conflict.  He has been dead for three years and Jess is can’t seem to go on with her life.  She prefers to life quietly in a tourist town in northern Minnesota running the store her parents left when they moved to Florida.

Ty Brown came to the lakes district supposedly to fish, but actually to see Jess again.  Jess had been involved with a special ops action a year before.  Ty couldn’t get Jess off his mind and comes back to see her.  Meanwhile, J.R. is not dead, but is being cared for by Rabia, an Afghan woman who would be killed if the Taliban found out she was hiding and caring for an American soldier.

Jess and Ty fall in love and are ready to begin a life together when J.R. is discovered to be alive, although he doesn’t remember anything about his life before he was injured.  What follows is the story of Jess and J.R. as they try to learn about each other all over again, and about Ty and Rabia, who try to accept whatever happens. 

Night Owl Reviews and Gallery Books provided a free print copy in return for my honest review of this book.  I recommend this book as a timely look at the results of what happens in peoples’ lives as a result of war.  We see how much they give and how much they lose.


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