“Autumn Grace” by Marianne Ellis

Autumn Grace” was written by Marianne Ellis as one of the novels in her Amish Seasons Series.   Ruth Schrock is the oldest of a large family with seven daughters.  She helps out on the farm as much as a brother would.  Her father is deacon of their community.  Her mother is expecting in a few months.  It seems that everyone is always commenting on Ruth and her unconventional way of acting.  Even though she has been baptized, she has problems conforming to the rigid standards her father expects.

She is approached by a nearby Amish community to teach in their school.  Her father gives permission, but seems to think that Ruth will fail.  Levi Yoder is an unmarried man who is on the school board and who lives near the school house.  He is a quiet man who takes care of wounded or sick wild animals until they can be released back into the wild.  He helps Ruth with different problems that she has with the other members of the school board and also with her scholars, as the students are called.

I found this to be a very entertaining book.  I always marvel at the different story lines that authors dream up and write about.  There is always a common theme of romance, but also problems that need to be overcome.  Usually, I find that the main characters have a difficult time adhering to the Ordnung or unwritten laws for their particular community.  Some of those laws I find ludicrous and irritating.  I know that I could never be Amish, although I would certainly enjoy a life that is quieter and more relaxed than what we live today.

Night Owl Reviews and Berkley Publishing Company provided a free print copy to me in return for my honest review of this book.


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