“In the Heart of the Highlander” by Maggie Robinson

I have read “In the Heart of the Highlander” by Maggie Robinson, which is a Scottish historical romance.

Mary Evensong has taken over her Aunt Mim’s business, the Evensong Agency.  This enterprise finds household help, finds husbands for young ladies, and solves problems for customers.  Of course all is confidential.  Lord Alec Raeburn has come for help to try to avenge his wife’s death by trapping the unscrupulous doctor responsible for her demise.  Lord Alec has been accused of pushing his wife out of a tower window to her death and is being ostracized by friends and neighbors alike.  He did not murder his wife and wants to make sure that the one responsible for her suicide is punished.  He and the Evensong Agency concoct a plan to do just that.  Mary, her Aunt Mim and Oliver, their colleague, meet with Alec at the doctor’s spa and carry out their plan.  Of course Mary and Alec are quite taken with each other and the story continues from there.

I liked the story line of the book and enjoyed the sometimes humorous give and take among the main characters.  However, the love scenes portrayed way too much information to me.  I would rather lovemaking be portrayed in the text by innuendo.  I don’t need to have it spelled out for me.  In fact, the erotic explanations of sex ruined the book for me.  I actually skipped these parts.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a prude, but I am beyond reading “bodice-ripper” books and yearn for a good story to entice me.

I received a free Kindle copy of this book from Berkley and Night Owl Reviews in return for my honest review.   The opinions expressed here are my own.


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