“A Distant Melody” by Sarah Sundin

“A Distant Melody” is Book 1 in the Wings of Glory series by Sarah Sundin.  The series tells the stories of the three Novak brothers during World War II.  It is set in California and England.  I love stories about history, especially those about WWII.  This first book in the series made me want to read the next two.

Along with the romance of the Swing Era comes the heroism and also terror of war.  It is well illustrated in this story.  I loved the book and the interactions among the many characters both at home and overseas, especially the two main characters, Walt Novak and Allie Miller.  The book is also a Christian novel, with many references to the Book of Psalms and other passages from the Bible.  Sometimes the Christian message can take over the story, but in this case, it was very comforting and relevant.

I am definitely going to read the next two books in the series, “A Memory Between Us”, and “Blue Skies Tomorrow”.  I want to know how the lives of the other two brothers, Jack and Ray Novak unfolded during this unsettling time in history.


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