“Mail Order Regrets” by Julianna Blake

“Mail Order Regrets” by Julianna Blake is Book 1 in the Montana Mail Order Brides series, published by Timeless Hearts Press.

I enjoy stories about mail order brides because I get a kick out of reading about women who have no idea what they are getting into and wonder why they had to resort to this method to find a husband.  In the case of this story, Madeline Barstow had no choice but to leave her Massachusetts home and head west.  Her father had lost everything and had too many debts to pay.  In order to spare her mother and sisters, she decided to seek her fortune in another way.

Clay Porter had been hired by Samuel Croft to pick up his bride-to-be and deliver her to his ranch a good two days’ ride from Helena.  Clay tried to talk her out of going through with her plans to marry Croft because she would be putting herself in a very dangerous position.  Croft was known throughout the area as a very bad person.

I enjoyed this short novel very much because I enjoyed reading about the two main characters sparring with each other and wondering who would come up the winner.  Though it is not a very long read it is an easy read and quite entertaining.


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