“Threads of Change” by Jodi Barrows

Threads of Change”, written by Jodi Barrows is from A Quilting Story, Part 1.  The story revolves around four women, two sisters and their two cousins, who form a wagon train from Lecompte, Louisiana to Fort Worth, Texas to make a new start before the coming Civil War wrests their livelihood from them.

Liz was widowed a year earlier and is looking forward to starting a new life in the west.  Along with her son Luke, grandfather Lucas, sister, Megan and cousins, Anna and Emma, she hopes to start a mercantile in Fort Worth.  The army has abandoned the fort and the inhabitants want to form a new and thriving town.

This book was an easy read and predictable for the most part.  Although the wagon train encountered tornados, Indians, snakes and other deterrents along the way, each episode did not seem to be glossed over by the author.  I think she was trying to put a sense of adventure into the story, but I think there could have been more emphasis to those trials.  I felt that something was missing.  However, I did enjoy reading this novel and would like to continue the series by reading Part 2 of this saga.

Moody Publishers provided a free kindle copy in return for my honest review of this book.


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