“Letters to Katie” by Kathleen Fuller

Letters to Katie”, written by Kathleen Fuller, is the story of a young Amish woman, Katie, who has been in love with Johnny since she was a teenager.  Johnny pays no attention to Katie and treats her as an annoyance to him.  Katie is a sweet girl, kind to everyone and ready to help all.  Johnny wants to raise and train horses and is anxious to own his own horse farm.  He has a plan to get the money and asks Katie to help him out.  She is happy to help him and thinks that at last Johnny is ready to love her.  He breaks her heart yet again and she tries to forget all about him.

Katie starts having terrible headaches and finally faints in Johnny’s arms as he is trying to talk to her.  She is very ill and is taken to the hospital.  With Katie being so sick, Johnny finally realizes how much she means to him and how lost he would be if something happened to her.  In order to woo her, he decides to start sending her letters and she begins to correspond with him.  Eventually, they learn about each other by the letters they send and both have high hopes for their future together.

I enjoyed reading this story as a light read, however, it did not hold my interest as much as some other novels I have read by Ms. Fuller.  This was sort of a ho-hum read for me.   I’m sure that others may have a different view of this book though, so keep an open mind when you read it.

Thomas Nelson Publisher together with BookSneeze.com sent a free kindle copy in return for my honest review.


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