“Angels Watching Over Me” by Michael Phillips

Angels Watching Over Me” was written by Michael Phillips as the first book in the Shenandoah Sisters Series.  It is a post-Civil War story written about two young girls, one white and one black, living in North Carolina.  Katherine Claiborne is the daughter of a plantation owner.  Her father and three brothers are away at war and her mother Rosalind and Katie, as Katherine is called, are left to tend the plantation along with the slaves that the Claiborne’s own helping to tend the fields and doing other necessary work.  One brother is killed during the war and after the armistice is signed, Katie and her mother are waiting for the return of their men.  Tragedy befalls the Claiborne plantation, Rosewood, and Katie is left on her own.

Mary Ann Jukes, also called Mayme, is a slave daughter on a neighboring plantation.  Her family is killed when marauders attack the plantation and slave quarters as they did on Rosewood.  Mayme hides from the killers and after burying her dead, decides to start walking in case they come back for her.  She finds herself on the Rosewood plantation, hungry and tired.  When she enters the house she finds Katie in a state of shock at what happened to her family.

Katie is not accustomed to working on the plantation and Mayme has to guide her as to what to do next to stay alive.  The two girls decide to make the plantation seem as though the slaves are still working as freemen and the house and Rosalind are still alive.  They are afraid that Katie will be sent to an orphanage and that Mayme will suffer a worse fate.  The story continues by telling how the two young girls fooled the whole countryside into believing that Rosewood was still being run by Rosalind Claiborne, who is still waiting for the men to return from the war.

I was thoroughly intrigued by the resourcefulness of the two girls and all they accomplished, just the two of them alone.  Katie and Mayme learned to love each other as sisters and lived accordingly.  I was so impressed with this novel that I read the other three books in the series as they followed:  Book #2 – “A Day to Pick Your Own Cotton”, Book #3 – “The Color of Your Skin Ain’t the Color of Your Heart”, and Book #4 – “Together is All We Need”.  I also want to read

This book was very interesting to me because I am a fan of historical novels especially novels about the Civil War.  I think you will enjoy reading this book.  I look forward to reading the sequel series, Carolina Cousins, by Michael Phillips.

NetGalley.com and Bethany House Publishers provided a free kindle copy in return for my honest review of this book.


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