“A Higher Call” by Adam Makos with Larry Alexander

A Higher Call was recommended to me as a wonderful could-not-put-it-down read.  I got this book at the library and finished it in two days.  I could not put it down.  This is a true story of combat during World War II, written by Adam Makos with Larry Alexander.  Adam Makos was intrigued by the stories of the “Greatest Generation”, those who fought in World War II.  His intent was to talk to and read about as many veterans of that war as possible before it was too late.  He also intended to only include stories of the Allied veterans.  He contended that Nazi Germany was the enemy and did not want to include their stories.

However, there is an instance of “the most incredible encounter between enemies in World War II” that he just couldn’t overlook.  It involves 20 year-old Captain Charlie Brown from West Virginia, who captained a B-17 bomber with a crew of 10 men and Second Lieutenant Franz Stigler, a German pilot from Bavaria who flew a Bf109F fighter.  On December 20, 1943, these two pilots met in a most interesting and miraculous encounter over the skies of Germany.  What occurred after this makes a fantastic tale of war.

These two men would both survive the war and were destined to meet again.  I guarantee that reading this novel will give you new insight to the Allied pilots’ bravery and most of all, a greater look into the lives of the pilots of the Luftwaffe.  There were acts of bravery and chivalry committed every day by pilots from both sides of the war.  I was also interested to read about how the German people lived their lives during the war, under the dictatorship of a madman and his equally crazy henchmen.  You will find this an amazing story that you cannot get out of your mind.  This story and the stories of those who stayed at home becoming “Rosie the Riveters’” and shipyard and airplane factory workers is a most extraordinary tale of the war.  I’m not sure that we, as a nation, could pull together as those in the “Greatest Generation” did during that horrible time in history.

I applaud the authors, Mr. Makos and Mr. Alexander, for bringing us these stories from the very mouths of those who lived them before time caught up far enough to make them stories only to be read from previously written reports and memoirs.


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