” A Hopeful Heart” by Amy Clipston

A Hopeful Heart was written by Amy Clipston as Book One in the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel Series and printed by Zondervan.  It is the story of Hannah Glick, who is a young widow with 16 year-old fraternal twin girls and a younger son, Andrew.  She works at the Lancaster Grand Hotel in Paradise, Pennsylvania as a maid to supplement the income from her late husband Gideon’s and his brother’s horse farm.  Jacob is her brother-in-law and has been in love with her since before she married his brother.  He wants nothing more than to marry her and to be a father to his brother’s children.   Her girls, Lillian and Amanda are at the point where they should begin to think about being baptized in the Amish church.  Before that time, they are able to do many things that will be forbidden to them after they are baptized.

Amanda secretly wants to be a veterinarian and must complete her GED and then apply for college.  Amish children are not educated past the eighth grade.  Her sister Lily wants nothing more than to be a teacher in the Amish school, married to an Amish man and rearing their children in the Amish faith.

While working, Hannah makes the acquaintance of Trey Peterson who is in Paradise to purchase a home that he can turn into a bed and breakfast, which was his wife’s dream.  His wife and daughter died from carbon monoxide poisoning while he was on one of his numerous business trips.  In memory of them, he decides to give up his job and pursue the dream his wife wanted.  After a while, they fall in love and Hannah must make a decision whether to remain Amish or to marry Trey and leave the church.  If she leaves she will be shunned.  Where will that leave her children?  Where will that leave her?  What happens when Jacob finds out?  You need to read the story because there are so many ramifications for Hannah and her family depending on which she decides to do.

That part of the story really bothered me because the Amish community is so closed-knit and suspicious of anyone Englisch.  Everyone in the community has an opinion about Hannah.  I was a little surprised at the reaction of these gentle people in the story.  However, I did enjoy reading this novel.

I received a free Kindle Reviewer Copy of this book from BookSneeze.com in return for my honest review.


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