“Josiah for President” by Martha Bolton

“Josiah for President” by Martha Bolton, who has authored over eighty books, is a wonderful story.  I found myself hoping and praying that we in the United States could have such a man as a candidate for President.  Although while reading this novel, I was aware that the premise of the story was far-fetched and probably would never happen, I truly wanted this for our country.

Josiah is a simple, humble Amish man with the wisdom of the ages and the ability to keep his integrity and honesty at the forefront of his life.  He helps pull a car out of a ditch and then uses his simple tools to try to fix it.  The driver is, conveniently, a congressman who has tried running for president, has resigned from Congress, but wants only the best for our country.  He thinks he has found it in Josiah and begins a campaign to draft him for the presidential ballot.  I cannot explain the simplicity and refreshing feeling that came over me as I read this tale.  I know it cannot happen, but it would be so wonderful if we could have people like Josiah running this country.  They would have only the good of the people and the country as their purpose and not the glamour, wealth and ego that seem to go along with everyone connected with politics today.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and I think that it provides something for everyone to think about.  What if this were possible?  What if we could have leaders who truly had the best interests of the people at heart?  What if?

I downloaded this Kindle edition from Zondervan and NetGalley.com for my honest review.  I also purchased this book because I wanted to keep it in my library.


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