“Dangerous Refuge” by Elizabeth Lowell

“Dangerous Refuge” by Elizabeth Lowell was very easy to read.   I was hooked from the first chapter.  Shaye Townsend had worked with Lorne Davis to have him turn over his ranch land to the Conservancy, which would have allowed the old man to live on the ranch until his death and then the ranch land would be preserved and not turned into commercial or residential land.

The story begins with Shaye finding Lorne dead on his ranch.  She genuinely liked this old guy and until a day or two ago, he really liked her and believed in what she was trying to accomplish.  Now it seems that he has died from a heart attack or stroke.  She comes to the ranch after a couple of days after his death to look after the animals and finds that Lorne’s nephew has come to the ranch to see about his uncle’s death.  Tanner Davis is an L.A. cop and is suspicious from the beginning that his uncle’s death was not due to natural causes.

I really liked the interaction between Shaye and Tanner from the beginning.  The banter was almost comical at times.  The other characters in the novel were very interesting also.  I think that this book was well planned and the characters well thought out.  I was not prepared for the ending however.  I do think that it is a good book.  It was a fast read.

I was sent this hardbound book from the publisher, William Morrow, and from Night Owl Reviews for my honest review.


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