“Children of Liberty” by Paullina Simons

I received the free print book “Children of Liberty” by Paullina Simons from Night Owl Reviews for my honest review of the novel.  I am so interested in the early years of our country.  This novel is set in and around Boston in the late 1800’s.  It is the story of one family of immigrants, Gina, her mother Mimoo, and her brother Salvo.

Upon arriving in America, the family comes in contact with two young men who set them up in an apartment for the night and make sure that they are taken care of until the next morning when they travel to join other relatives already in the States.  Reading this book gave me a peek into the lives of immigrants and their struggles to be able to live in America at that time.  Of course, things get complicated with the two young men, the fiancée of one, and the desire for adventure of the other.  I think you will enjoy this novel.  However, I, at times, was “dragged down” by some of the dialogue.  I suppose it was reminiscent of that era, but seemed to make me want to skip pages.


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